Yoga: Improve Your Mind, Body and Sex Life

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I stumbled upon a video from Yoga with Adrienne – a YouTuber known for her feel-good style of yoga – back in 2015. My body needed movement, my mind needed sanity and yoga seemed to be the perfect fit. I quickly began to fall in love with the sense of accomplishment, stillness and the simple joy I felt as I rolled up my mat.

I knew yoga was doing something inside of me – but I wasn’t entirely sure what or how – so I went to work learning more about my new favorite form of exercise.

This was my likely annoying “omg yoga is amazing” stage of my journey. Yoga was (and often still is) my answer for almost everything.

Have a headache? – You should do YOGA!

Cramps? – YOGA

Indigestion? – Definitely, yoga.

I was quickly realizing that yoga is more than just a fantastic way to move your body, it also provides a ton of other health benefits that I was starting to realize in my own life. Here’s just a few of the benefits I started feeling within the first month of starting a consistent practice:

1. I became more mindful and connected to each moment.

Ironically, mindfulness starts with the body – it is the art of paying attention. You are paying attention to your body fluctuations and sensations, all without judgement or the desire to change anything. By focusing on your body and your breath during yoga- all while balancing – you quiet the distractions around you and become more attuned to the present. Concentrating your gaze on a focal point during certain poses also helps to settle your thoughts further and allow for further introspection.

2. It increased my flexibility

Yoga will gradually increase your flexibility. Each pose will make you a bit more flexible, able-bodied and aware of your own abilities and limitations. Regular yoga practice improves your posture too – it’s an added bonus – especially for those of us who regularly sit on a computer.

3. It’s a great tool for stress management

One of the biggest benefits for me was the reduction of the overall stress on my mind and body. Before I started consistently practicing, I had been experiencing a lack of mental focus and stress that was presenting as physical pain. Yoga helped me to calm my mind and body – while strengthening my core – which allowed me to cultivate a physical and mental stillness. Maintaining a daily practice also helps to establish a ritual that offers a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

4. Yoga practice made for more intimacy & sex

Yoga boosted my libido – big time. A regular practice helps to tone, relax and strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor – helping to achieve stronger orgasms – yes please! Sex and yoga are both mind & body experiences – so the mindfulness practiced in yoga translates over to sex. You become present in the moment – bringing consciousness to your breath and body – and making you more aware of your physical sensations. This increased awareness of your own body also helps you to be more aware of your partners breath and body – it’s a win/win.

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The flexibility, balance, mindfulness and sensuality of yoga makes it an amazing choice for those looking to improve their mind, body or sex life. My home yoga practice has taught me to accept myself and those around me with openness and light – allowing for a more connected existence. If you’re looking for low-impact but high-reward movement – the yoga mat is certainly a great place to start!

Hi, I’m Rachel (you can call me Rae), Founder of The Pillow Talk Press. I’m a Sociologist. Writer. Sex-Positive Advocate. Master Woodworker. Artist. Yogi. Sports Mom. Cancer Survivor. Ninja Kicking Depression One Day at a Time ❤︎

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